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A cloud-based Voice over IP (or VoIP) solution offers easy access for all employees ‘on-the-go’, and manages all voice calls through your existing data network.

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Traditionally, business calls have been made on-site using a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), comprising a series of handsets and a copper line. However, with the Australian copper network quickly being removed, every business will eventually need to switch to an alternative solution. This could mean a transition to the fibre network, NBN, cloud, or combination of the above.

Make sure your team enjoys the benefits of the latest equipment

We don’t believe in locking clients into long-term contracts. Instead, we value agility. Our support should evolve with your business in a way that will help enable its growth. Your set-up will therefore be regularly evaluated, with hardware rented for a set-period so it can easily be exchanged for the latest model.

All the features you could need … in the cloud!

A cloud-based Voice over IP (or VoIP) solution offers easy access to voice calls for employees ‘on-the-go’.

All calls are managed through your existing data network, meaning all you need are the right handsets and a high-speed internet connection, and you’ll be good to go!

Extra features and benefits associated with merging your voice and data networks include:

✔  Cost Savings
✔  Video conferencing
✔  Instant messaging
✔  Access to your desk phone via your mobile device
✔  Desktop sharing

Is your onsite phone systems becoming outdated? Contact Reef IT about a VoIP Solution

Make calls from the office, at home, or on the road

You no longer need to be at your desk to use your ‘office’ phone. Thanks to the cloud, you can appear to be calling from your regular on-site number, regardless of where you happen to be in the world.

Flexible to suit your changing business needs

If you’re a forward-thinking company, a cloud-hosted VoIP system has the added advantage of total flexibility and scalability. This means it can be adapted to suit as your business either grows or scales back.

Benefits of using Reef IT for your business phone systems

Our specialist knowledge of legacy, current and emerging phone systems is what allows us to make smart recommendations for potential enhancements to your voice call set-up.

Cloud hosting for voice calls offers many extra features and benefits, transforming your phone system from a series of desktop handsets into a fully integrated solution that:

✔ Brings together devices and critical business applications such as Office 365

✔ Offers as many phone lines as you business need

✔ Utilises regularly-updated hardware housed off-site 

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Don't let an old phone system chain you to your desk, or cost you the earth.  Cloud-based, work anywhere, phone systems, with cost effective monthly pricing allow us to build a phone system to suits the needs of your business.

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Many of our relationships begin with the provision of phone and VOIP service support. Once clients become familiar with our quality and reliable solutions, exemplary levels of service, expertise, passion and dedication, these relationships tend to naturally expand to cover other IT and communication needs.

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