Managed IT solution, designed specifically for your business

A good managed IT partner will demonstrate a commitment to the ongoing, smooth-running of your network. Tailored solutions should be designed to deliver appropriate support for your needs, and remove IT headaches from your life.

Managed IT Support

You can’t afford not to have the essentials covered!

With the recent shift towards remote working, re-thinking your approach to IT is more important now than ever before. You need a set-up that offers your team seamless and secure access to company information, regardless of their location.

Managed Security Solutions

Security is a marathon, let us run it for you

A major priority at Reef IT is security. Your network houses critical business information, and you need to know it’s protected. If a breech occurs, your expert IT partner will take the fast action required to enable business continuity, and implement long-term measures to prevent future attacks.

Does your current Managed IT Support team actually feel like part of your business? If not, then you need try Reef IT

Managed IT Support

Is your data backed up and recoverable?

Regular back-ups can provide the crucial lifeline a business needs to survive a serious security breech. While cloud-based back-ups are the future of IT, we understand every business is different.

By designing and implementing a back-up solution with the right combination of on-site technology and cloud services, we can ensure your data is instantly recoverable if disaster strikes.

Improved Metrics

Let us manage your IT, so you can get on with running your business

We value long-standing relationships built on trust, and believe in the vital contribution of good IT solutions to business success.

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of supporting businesses to grow from a couple of employees based at the family home, into enterprises that employ hundreds of people across multiple sites.

Reef IT

Benefits of using Reef IT as your Managed IT support partner

Reef IT provides ongoing IT support to resolve issues and minimise frustrations, and develops network solutions to the highest industry standards.

We insist on minimum levels of back up, support and security. Powerful remote monitoring technologies mean we can troubleshoot the majority of issues remotely, meaning a more immediate resolution.

✔ Network audits and recommendations for improvements
✔ Remote monitoring and network management, from anywhere in Australia
✔ Immediate response to issues, and effective solutions
✔ Relationships with high-quality hardware vendors
✔ Project-based IT infrastructure design and implementation

Our Services

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Managed IT Support

"IT" is vital for any business now days, so you need a team that is there for you when you need them. Let us manage your IT, ensuring little problems don't become costly downtime.

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Business Telephony

Don't let an old phone system chain you to your desk, or cost you the earth.  Cloud-based, work anywhere, phone systems, with cost effective monthly pricing allow us to build a phone system to suits the needs of your business.

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Business Internet

Tired of spending hours on the phone dealing with slow internet or outages.  Let us take care of your Internet Services, so you can get on with running your business.

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We work with the world’s best known companies

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How can Reef IT Help Your Business?

Reef IT provides full suite of IT Services for your business, from front line technical support (you call we answer), we'll plan, design and implement a reliable, secure and effective IT Infrastructure for your business, and most importantly management it.

Customised IT and phone solutions
Flexible and scalable arrangements
Swift and effective troubleshooting
✔ Fast and d
ependable internet access
✔ Cyber Security Solution to protect your business

Your Expert Support Team

Your expert team: Managed IT support, whenever you need it

The world of IT is continually evolving. While this means an ongoing flow of new and improved technologies, it also means different and more serious threats.

We’re committed to seeking out the latest innovations that will best serve and protect your business, and place you in the strongest position to take it to the next level.

Would you like to partner with a friendly IT support team that can solve your IT headaches?